Push-Ups, Push-Downs, and Passing It Around (Exercises in Functional Incrementalization)
Sean Leather, Andres Löh, Johan Jeuring

Programs in languages such as Haskell are often datatype-centric and make extensive use of folds on that datatype. Incrementalization of such a program can significantly improve its performance by transforming monolithic atomic folds into incremental computations. Functional incrementalization separates the recursion from the application of the algebra in order to reduce redundant computations and reuse intermediate results. In this paper, we motivate incrementalization with a simple example and present a library for transforming programs using upwards, downwards, and circular incrementalization. Our benchmarks show that incrementalized computations using the library are nearly as fast as handwritten atomic functions.

Paper (IFL 2009 post-proceedings)
Haskell source code for the paper

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Andres Löh, 2010-03-12